Server Support

Server Support

Most people are familiar with the term “server”, and know that their company needs one; but most employees in an office can’t diagnose and correct an issue with a server. Servers hold much of a company’s important data including emails, network settings, and software. Whether in your office, or in a cloud data center, server monitoring, support, and issue management are Cii’s bread and butter. As a managed service provider, Cii is a proactive, cost-effective expert when it comes to server support and all other IT network monitoring and support.

You have a lot of items on your to-do-list: supporting servers shouldn’t be one of them. Letting Cii handle your company’s server support gives your business stability, efficiency, and a predictable monthly IT expense. We make sure your servers stay up and perform flawlessly, so you can continue working.

Server Support Services

  • Remote server monitoring, upgrading, and repairs.
  • On-site maintenance available when necessary.
  • One point of contact for all of your business’s IT support needs.
  • A comprehensive approach to protecting your network infrastructure from slowdowns, virus infections, spam, data loss, and crashes.
  • Predictable affordable server support, reduced stress, and increased productivity.

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